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SOLVED: SwiftUI Localization?

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I'm wondering if there is some comprehensive information on how to localize SwiftUI apps?

On this website, I was only able to find one article, https://www.hackingwithswift.com/example-code/uikit/how-to-localize-your-ios-app

But it was written before SwiftUI was announced and looks outdated.


I can't post a link but if you look at Danijela Vrzan's site, she made a post on 14 June that covers the new String Catalog. I think I saw Paul link to it a couple of weeks ago.


Hi @sundraw

I see you are a HWS+ subscriber. You can check out this video from the Ultimate Portfolio App on Internationalization and localization. It will explain even if you have not done the rest of the app.


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