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SwiftUI app architecture for server-side driven data

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Hello everyone.

I need to implement an app for iOS. The application will need to represent some data that is already handled at the server. Think of the server side as a database with a dozen SQL tables. The data at the server is reqularly updated from the web ui and third-party gateways.

My iOS application will have about 7-10 views. Each view is going to show some part of that SQL data. The app will mosly work as a data vewer for what we have at the server-side. Some views allow simple manipulation of the data (like delete entry from the list). The server-side will also need to send updates so the iOS app so can be updated at run-time with up-to-date data.

The requirements do not look terribly difficult. It sounds more like a typical mobile app. I am trying to understand what would be the best architecture for the mobile app like this one. I basically looking for an swiftui architecture that:

  • implements binding for the remote data at server
  • supports handing updates from the server
  • is able to send updates to the server. i.e. changes can flow both from and to mobile app
  • simple and easy to understand architecture. utilizes standard concepts like @Binding @Model etc..
  • uses swift/swiftui and is targeting the latest (at this moment) swiftui release

I was trying to google for tutorials for this kind of applications, but did not find anything useful.

I wonder if anyone implemented similar requirements. If yes what architecture did you end-up with. Or even better if you know code examples for it.


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