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SF Symbols for user selection

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Does anyone know if SF Symbols can be included (in bulk) in an app so the end user can slect which they want to use for various features?

I guess I could manually put some into a CoreData Entity which they could select from, but doing 100 to 200 that way would be boring. Also, I bleive there are restrictions on which symbols can be used for what features/functions - so the user does not become confused between various apps use of them.


I guess the safest way is to just buy an ICON database and give up the font sizing?


I dont believe there is an enumerated version of SF Symbols you can expose without you creating the list, no. As you say; there are some restrictions on using them, so it does sound like a safer option may be to use an icon set.


If you are wanting to easily see what the various options are, there is an app from Apple that you can do this with. Check this article from 9to5Mac:

9 to 5 Mac: SF Symbols

I believe Paul mentions it in one (or more) of his tutorial videos.


Thanks everyone. I have and use SF Symbols 2, the issue is I want the user to be able to customize the app and to be able to assign icon's (symbols) to some of that customization. So, I have decided to have my brother, the artist, design a set fo SVG symbols that will work the same as Apples SF Symbols. That way I avoid having to manually load all of Apples symbols into a database, and I don't have to worry about usage conflicts or copyright issues when I submit the app.


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