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SOLVED: SectionedFetchRequest: how to get the count of items in each section?

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I've managed to get the SectionedFetchRequest to work as I want to, however, I've spent a lot of time trying to display the count of items in each Sections.

I've used the simple section.count and while it does not throw an error, it does not build either.

Here is some bits of code for context:

        sectionIdentifier: \MeasureData.month,
        sortDescriptors: [SortDescriptor(\MeasureData.measureDate, order: .reverse)]
public var sectionedMeasures: SectionedFetchResults<String, MeasureData>
List {
        ForEach(sectionedMeasures) { section in
                + Text(" (")
                //+ Text(section.count)
                + Text(")")
                        ForEach(section) { measure in

As soon as I uncomment the line + Text(section.count), nothing builds anymore.

Any tips would be appreciated :)

Thank you


count is an Int but you are feeding it into a Text, which expects a String.

There is no reason to concatenate Text elements like you are doing. Just do this instead:

Section(header: Text("\( (\(section.count))")) {
    ForEach(section) { measure in


Hi @roosterboy. Pretty sure I tried that and duiwork either. Let me try again and report back. Thank you


Don't know what I did wrong then yesterday, but it worked perfectly this time. Thank you very much!


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