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ScrollView content alignment when set to both axis

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I'm having trouble sorting this out:

  • The ScrollView when set to use both axis always shows the content centered.
  • This is independent from the size of the content, wheteher it exceeds or not the size of the ScrollView.

I'm looking for a way to have the ScrollVIew showing the top of the content on load, and not the center.

Is there any way to set this in SwiftUI?

struct ContentView: View {

    var greenRectHeight = 1400.0
    var blueRectHeight = 100.0
    var redRectHeight = 20.0

    var innerRectWidth = 200.0
    var outerRectWidth = 300.0

    var body: some View {
        NavigationStack {
            ScrollView([.horizontal, .vertical]) {
                ZStack {
                        .strokeBorder(lineWidth: 1)
                        .frame(width: outerRectWidth)
                        .frame(height: greenRectHeight)

                    VStack(spacing: 0) {
                            .strokeBorder(lineWidth: 1)
                            .frame(width: innerRectWidth)
                            .frame(height: blueRectHeight)

                            .strokeBorder(lineWidth: 1)
                            .frame(width: innerRectWidth)
                            .frame(height: redRectHeight)



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