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Scroll and Drag Unwanted Interaction

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I have a scrollable list that responds to a long press on the left (score and sailNum) and allows moving items to reorder them. Editmode is on so there are bars on the right to instantly allow dragging to move. The blank center part of the item allows dragging to scroll the list. The issue is that if you try to scroll but hold too long the list jumps to move mode and you end up reordering instead of scrolling.

Is there a way to stop the UI switching to move mode and restrict it to the move bars at the right?

VStack {
                    Text("Scored Skippers").font(.title3).padding(5)
                    ScrollViewReader { proxy in
                        List {
                            ForEach(thisRace.heatScoredSkippers[thisHeat], id: \.id) { skip in
                                HStack {
                                    if skip.raceLetterScore == .👍 {
                                        Image(systemName: "\(Int(skip.raceRawScore)).circle.fill").font(.title3).foregroundColor(skip.promoteColor)
                                    } else {
                                        VStack {
                                            Image(systemName: "\(Int(skip.raceRawScore)).circle.fill")

                                    Text(String(format: "%02d", skip.sailNum))

                                    .onLongPressGesture {
                                        isShowingRaceScore = skip
                                    .disabled(skip.raceRawScore == 0 && !skip.scoreEditOK)

                            .onMove(perform: move)
                        .sheet(item: $isShowingRaceScore) { skip in
                            UpdateScoreView(thisRscore: skip)
                        .environment(\.editMode, .constant(.active))
                        .onChange(of: thisRace.areScored) { _ in
                            withAnimation {
                    } //ScrollViewReader

                .frame(width: geometry.size.width * 0.6)


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