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NSPredicate search: Core Data

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I have an array of content like:

["When you find your way",
"you will find a way to make it happen",
"your is mine"

My predicate is NSPredicate(format: "content CONTAINS[c] %@", "you"), it should return the whole second sentence "you will find a way to make it happen", instead of all 3 sentences. Any ideas how to do this?


you is contained in all three sentences so the query is operatint correctly

youd have to change it to contain "You will" to get that second sentence specifically




I understand that. But the thing is how we can query exactly senteces that contain 'you' if we have lots of sentences in content?


Instead of matching for "you" try searching for "you " but keep in mind this will also return the first sentence too because that also has the word you in it.


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