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Is it legal to use a NavigationStack inside a NavigationStack?

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So, as per the title, I have experimented and been able to use the above situation.

I can manage a NavigationStack with its own path nested within another NavigationStack, with even it's own path.

Now, if I wanted to achieve a certain separation of concerns, would it be acceptable to nest them in such a fashion, where you have at least one (even multiple) NavigationStacks living within a root NavigationStack?

I do see that I could use a single root NavigationStack at the top of my view hierarchy, and keep passing a reference binding to the path variable to my child views on and on and on.. but this gets frustrating to manage after a time.

So, maybe I've misunderstood the WWDC videos or key Apple documentation - but is nesting these NavigationStacks as a child of a root stack an acceptable practice? Or, am I treading in deep waters?



Did you come to a conclusion about this by chance?


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