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SOLVED: Inserting a Screenshot into a Forum Question

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Is it possible to display screenshots in a Forum Question?

The reason I am asking is I don't have a new enough Computer to write Code in XCode so I am using Playgrounds on an iPad and would like to ask a coding question regarding an App I am working on.

The picture icon does not work the same as the Apple Development site where I have been able to insert pics from my photo album.

Probably doesn't need mentioning but I am an absolute "newbie"!

Kind Regards

Guy MacDonald


  1. You can't actually insert a screenshot directly into a post. Instead, you have to upload your image to Dropbox or Imgur or some other hosting site (or even your own site!) and then put in a link to that image using the below markdown. The image button in the post editor will insert it for you or you can type it manually.

    NOTE: If you use Dropbox, make sure your URL has raw=1 at the end instead of dl=0 to have the image show up in the body of your post instead of as a link. Other hosting sites may have similar tricks you'll need to perform.

![image description](image URL)
  1. When posting code to these forums, please post the code as text rather than an image. This makes it far easier to read (some of us have aging eyes!) and also makes it possible for other posters to copy/paste the code in order to test solutions and such without having to retype all your code from scratch.

    To post your code as text, place three backticks ``` on the line before your code and three backticks ``` on the line after your code so that it will be formatted properly. You can also highlight an entire code block and click the </> button on the toolbar to wrap the block for you, athough it's usually better to put the backticks before you paste in your code.



Thank you very much!





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