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How transfer (()->()) -> ()

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Good afternoon everyone. Tell me how to make a function and pass

struct ButtonCustom: View {

    @ObservedObject var timer: TimerCountdown = TimerCountdown()

    @Binding var stateButton: Bool

**    typealias Tupl = (String) -> Void**

    var label: String = "Test"
    var action: Tupl

    var image: String = "exclamationmark.icloud"

    var body: some View {

        Button(action: **action(String) {} **) {
            HStack {
                HStack {
                Image(systemName: image)
                    .foregroundColor(stateButton ? Color.green : Color.red)
            .padding(.horizontal, 10)
        .frame(maxWidth: UIScreen.main.bounds.width, maxHeight: 40)


You could try adding this

func myAction() {

and replace the Button with

Button(action: myAction )

You don't need Tupl at all. Then take it from there.


Thanks. implemented like this.

        Button(action: {
        }) { Tetx("")}

  ButtonCustom(stateButton: $statusVM.stateShow,
               label: "Show UserNotification",
               action: { statusVM.showUserData() },
     image: "icloud") 


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