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Detect & use mouse wheel movement/event to call a function?

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Is there a way to use SwiftUI to call a function when the user scrolls the mouse wheel ( up or down ), while the mouse cursor is hovering over some lines of text?

Ultimately, I'm making a language learning app for MacOS, where the user can visually read sentences of text, then when they hover the cursor over the text - and at same time - move their mouse wheel ( up or down ), they can hear an audio file of the translation.

I'm using the condition ( cursor hover + mouse wheel event ), because I'm reserving other mouse events - or combinations of - for calling other functions ( such as showing visual transations, etc )

In CSS, I can use

<div class="smartText" onwheel="playAudioTransation()" onclick="showVisualTransation()" > How are you today? </div>

, but I haven't found the SwiftUI equivalent yet.

I was able to make a play-sound-file function work, so that part I already have.

But I can't figure out how to make some lines of text, listen for the user's cursor hover and mouse wheel movement, and then calls a function when these events happen.

Does anyone know how to do this in SwfitUI ? ( If buttons can be made to receive mouse hover + wheel events, that could work too )




Maybe try the solution from this StackOverflow answer?


I came across that StackOverflow page earlier in my Googling too, but sadly much of the solution giver's explanation and code are beyond my current understanding of SwiftUI.

I can see that on the StackOverflow page, the solution giver is creating a function called trackScrollWheel()

that runs onAppear of a view called "horizontal scroll" : .onAppear { trackScrollWheel() } and calls the function he's creating.

I'm guessing .filter { event in event?.type == .scrollWheel } specifies to only listen for scrollwheel.

Beyond that though, I'm not sure what he's doing, where this code would fit into my code of text lines ( which is just a simple vertical stack of text lines within var body: some View ), or where I would place my call for my own play-sound-file function.

I'm also not sure what he refers to by "you already have a hover/focus boolean for the view".


Your code would go in place of this line:

vm?.goBackOrForwardBy(delta: Int(event?.deltaY ?? 0))


Thanks, will give it a try.


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