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SOLVED: How to create this SF Symbol icon?

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Hello everyone,

currently I'm creating an app where users can draw in a canvas. They are able to turn on using the pencil.

In the Freeform app from Apple they have a icon for this (see above). How can I create this icon, since a filled icon is not available in SF Symbols. Is it a custom icon not available in SF Symbols maybe?

Off / On

Left one is when deactivated, right one when it's activated.


Can you set a foreground and/or a background color? Perhaps it's the same symbol but with different colors? I'm currently not on my Mac so I can't test it myself.


Thanks for the reply @Hatsushira!

Indeed, it was much more easy than I initially thought.

The solution was setting the background and fill it with a circle.

if self.pencilMode {
    HStack {
        Image(systemName: "pencil.tip.crop.circle").foregroundColor(.white).background(
                .frame(width: 24, height: 24)
} else {
    HStack {
        Image(systemName: "pencil.tip.crop.circle")


Just a word of caution in case you weren't aware. The info attached to that symbol says, "This symbol may not be modified and may only be used to refer to Apple's Markup feature." Hopefully, what you're doing doesn't constitute modification?


@magnas35 I am aware of this indeed. But since they are doing the exact same thing in their own app, I hope this will be allowed during review.

Thanks for pointing this out though!


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