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SOLVED: How should I force «Child-view » update after managedObjectContext changes

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I have a @FetchRequest on my parent-view that segues a few child-view using NavigationLink(). My question is related to changes on thoses child-view when i add or delete object from them ( from managedObjectContext actualy). I only have a actual changes if I go back to at least on view up and come back to my view.


@FetchRequest {} var myData
  ForEach(myData, id:...)data in{
    NavigationLink(destination: ChildView1(data)...


var data : DATA

  ForEach(data, id:...)subData in{
    NavigationLink(destination: childView2(suData)...


var subData : SUBDATA

  ForEach(subData, id:...)sata in{
    NavigationLink(destination: childView3(sata)...

My problem would be on my ChildView2 (or even 1) if I delete (or add) an element of those list the changes don't appear immediatly. I have to go up in the view hierarchy back back down to get the changes displayed

I guest it's a simple fix, could you hel me here?




When you pass data to the childview you need to mark the variable on the childview with

 @ObservedObject var subdata


Ok that works fine, I've added a @Published property to each on my relevant classes and it seems to be working properly. I'll keep looking into it.

@Volker88 , thanks for the help.

A good explanation can be found as well here:


Thanks @Volker88, this helped me too.

My case was a view for editing existing CoreData. When dismissing the edit view the changes weren't being reflected until some other change or action was taken in the view.

Cheers, Dan


@Volker, I am trying to trigger a refresh of the parent view when I navigate back from the detailed view. I have the ObservableObject/@Published in the viewmodel and an ObservedObject in the view. However the refresh is not triggered when I navigate back to the parent view. I also manually put in objectwillchange.send() but does not help. Any pointers to solve this.


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