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Edit Projects View in Portfolio App Weird Behaviour

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I seem to have a strange bug when it comes to my EditProjectsView. Every time I try to edit the color or change the title or enter some text in the description, the view immediately dismisses as if I clicked the back button. I discovered this after I added the accessibilty modifiers. In looking at the EditItemsView, there is on the update() item.projects? Is there something similar I could add to EditProjectsView update method to maybe not dismiss the page whenever I attempt to edit the view? I am getting ready to re do the project from the begining, but would like to know if there might be a simple fix.



Allready be asked. Here and here.

No reasonable solution found so far.


Thanks, I was using an earlier version of xcode 12 back in October and November in which it was working. I upgraded to another beta. version and now I'm seeing the bug. Probably that same bug that caused the dreaded "yellow screen". Anyway, thanks for the reply, I can rest now until I change with another xcode version.


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