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SOLVED: SOLVED: Delete on Swipe

Forums > SwiftUI

I have added a delete on swipe in a list:

.onDelete(perform: deleteBook)

    private func deleteBook(at offsets: IndexSet) {
        offsets.forEach { index in
            let book = books[index]
            let bookData = BookData(
                bookID: book.bookID ?? "",
                isbn: book.isbn ?? "",
                title: book.title ?? "",
                subtitle: book.subtitle ?? "",
                authors: book.authors ?? "",
                description: book.bookDescription ?? "",
                publishedDate: book.publishedDate ?? "",
                publisher: book.publisher ?? "",
                language: book.language ?? "",
                thumbnailURL: book.thumbnailURL ?? "",
                tags: [book.tag1, book.tag2, book.tag3].compactMap { $0 },
                borrowCounter: Int(book.borrowCounter)
            bookToRestore = bookData
            databaseManager.deleteBook(book) { success in
                DispatchQueue.main.async {
                    if success {
                        books.remove(at: index)
                        showToast = true

This worked without any problems. Afterwards I added a hidekeyboard function in the view, since then the delete on swipe no longer works properly.

        .simultaneousGesture(TapGesture().onEnded {

                private func hideKeyboard() {
        UIApplication.shared.sendAction(#selector(UIResponder.resignFirstResponder), to: nil, from: nil, for: nil)

The .simultaneousGesture(TapGesture().onEnded of the hidekeyboard is applied to the entire list.

If I swipe all the way to the left, the entry is still deleted. However, if I only swipe a little so that the delete button appears, the button does not work. As soon as I comment out the hidekeyboard, everything works again. Can anyone help me with the reason for this?


And what is the purpose of that hideKeyboard function? Not 100% sure if you just need to dismiss on scroll but why don't you get rid of that completely and use the following modifier for the List:

scrollDismissesKeyboard(ScrollDismissesKeyboardMode)—This modifier determines the behavior of the keyboard when the drag gesture begins. The argument is a structure with the type properties automatic, immediately, interactively, and never (default).”


Thanks, this works totally fine! I am new to Swift, and I am learning with this App - so the hidekeyboard func was my workaround so the keyboard dismisses after using the searchbar by clicking somewhere. I didnt knew the scrollDismissesKeyboard modifier - so thanks a lot!


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