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Core Data delete functionality in Multiplatform swiftUI app

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I am building a multiplatform app that uses core data. I want to add some delete functionality.

When I created the project, apple provided some basic functionality which works for iOS, but not for mac. For deletion on iOS, you would use the .onDelete(perform:) modifier. When I pass in that method that takes in a IndexSet, the modifier passes the indexSet automatically to the method. This is the delete function:

private func deleteItems(offsets: IndexSet) {
        withAnimation {
            offsets.map { items[$0] }.forEach(viewContext.delete)

            do {
                try viewContext.save()
            } catch {

This way of deleting works great on iOS, but MacOS doesn’t have that modifier. It has the onDeleteCommand(perform:) modifier. That modifier triggers a function when the users selects an item, and goes to the menu bar, and selects edit > delete. But, as that modifer doesnt pass in a IndexSet automatically like the onDelete modifier, this doesn’t work.

Is there a way of of getting the indexSet into a (state) variable that will be updated when a user selects an item, which I then could pass into the method when calling the .onDeleteModifier ?


Hey @BSM, not sure if you're still looking to solve this, but SwiftUI's .onDelete() modifier is available on macOS (on Big Sur, at least). It's triggered by swiping on your trackpad, though, so it's effectively non-discoverable.

What I do in WriteFreely (also a multiplatform SwiftUI app) is use a @Published property in an ObservableObject to track what the currently selected post is, and use that in .onDeleteCommand() (see here on GitHub).

Does something like that work for your codebase?


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