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New to SwiftUI to open to any alternative suggests on the recommended way.

I'm creating a game which has a generated background (not static image) with clickable images on top. How should the project be constructed?

1) Version 1: I started off using Views to layout the background (think tiling shapes) such as Chess. I then need to add images on top in various locations sometimes overlapping the tiles. I need to know the location of the tiles to place in exact locations on edges, corners, center of the background, which I didn't have using this method. The top View needs to know positional information of the bottom generated View, which can change based on orientation and device size.

2) Version 2: Moved to a Canvas to have specific control of positions and layout. I create Views containing Images for the "clickable" objects which are then resolvedSymbols and added to the graphics context.

The problem I am facing with the Canvas is the tap gestures for the Views (Images, HStacks) do not work. I assume that using symbols removes that functionality. Therefore, it seems that onChanged .gesture(DragGesture(minimumDistance: 0, coordinateSpace: .local) on the Canvas is my only solution for capturing user interaction. This then involves Hit testing the symbols I added based of the tap location. I know them of course, I just need to loop over them testing each one.

Before I start (hit testing) I want to check that I am not reinventing the wheel or not following guidelines.

Please advise either:

  • Version1 with improved layout of top view or
  • Version2 hit testing on canvas (a common thing, if this is the only way?)



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