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SOLVED: Apple Workout WatchOS App

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Can anybody tell me how the workout app on WatchOS has a navigation link inside of a navigation link? I assume it's not how I've just described but each 'Workout' goes to a tab view when tapped to start a workout but within that there's a navigation link in the top right corner (the to edit the workout. I wanted to do something similar but I can't figure out how to make a single List item contain links to two places.

Anybody have an understanding of how that app works?


My guess is the ellipsis menu is a custom button which utilizes the new Navigation API. Because when you tip the button you're sent to another list with the same behaviour (depends on the workout, though).


Ah yes I've managed to get it working with a button inside of a button (if I had either of them as a navigation link it didn't seem to work)

So each list item is a button and each button has an ellipsis button in the top corner. Each button navigating to different views by altering the navigation path of the navigation stack.



A tip: If you have a custom button in a list you can set the button style to .plain. Then it does work together with the NavigationLink.


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