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SOLVED: Xcode - Error - The maximum number of apps for free development profiles has been reached

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So, I've been trying to install an Xcode project on my iPad for testing, and I got this message:

"Unable to install "MyProject" "

I clicked on the "Details" button, where I learnt this:

"The maximum number of apps for free development profiles has been reached."

I googled a bit and found out that I should delete all the previous projects installed on my iPad, which I did - with no positive results. The error is still the same. I also tried rebooting both iPad and MacBook, but the problem still remains.

Has anyone of you stumbled upon this problem?


I believe this is time-based restriction and I think this limit is for week each time.

You can try deleting app profiles over at


OK, thanks to the magic of stackoverflow I found out that after updating to Xcode 11.5 and iOS 13.5, all of the offloaded apps are counted toward the limit. So, once I reinstalled and/or deleted the offloaded apps, everything went back to normal. Weird.


FYI, I ended up just throwing down the $100 to no longer be a free account and get rid of the limit. If you choose to do so, it can sometimes be a day or two before Xcode realizes your status has been updated.


I was about to do the same thing, but ultimately ended up solving the issue the other way. Hope it's not Apple's shady tactics just to make beginner iOS devs shell out $100 only to make Xcode work as intended...


Hi @MateusZ ! How did you solve it? I've tried to delete and clear all apps, provisioning profiles and unpair my device and still got this error


Hi @angelinaFri, sorry for my late reply!

Most likely you have some offloaded apps on your device. To find out which apps are offloaded, look for a cloud symbol next to the app name ( To sort things out, tap all those cloud-marked icons to download the apps and the Xcode error should disappear - bear in mind though that with a free developer's acount you are limited to 2 Xcode project apps on a device installed at the same time.


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