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Unit Testing of CloudKit Using Mock Objects

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I'm pretty new to Swift and app development, but I do have some history of software engineering. And while working on Paul's excellent long form project, Ultimate Portfolio App, I kept hearing the distant call of the "test first" mantra of Test-driven development (TDD) (Extreme Programming, if you are old enough to recall ;-).

I started to dig into ways of testing CloudKit, and came up with more questions than answers - including this one, which I think was on the right track. The problem is, CloudKit doesn't make itself easy to test. The main interface to the API, CKContainer, has init methods that cannot be overridden or overloaded. So drop-in mocks are out of the question. But to make a long story shorter, I tried many paths to test CloudKit and came up with a framework that works well for me - and I hope that it will for you too.

I call it the MockCloudKitFramework - and its fully documented (using DocC) and tested (see the accompanying project called "MockCloudKitTestProject" in the same repository). Its available here. It doesn't mock every CloudKit functionality by any means. But it does mock enough functionality to make it quite useful. And the framework can be extended to add more CloudKit functional mocking, so please let me know what you think and if you have ideas to extend it.


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