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SwiftData What is this parameter in ModelConfiguration?

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Does anybody know what the following parameter sharedAppContainerIdentifier is and how it is set up?

let modelconfiguration = ModelConfiguration(
    schema: Schema([Item.self]),
    sharedAppContainerIdentifier:nil,   // <------- here
    cloudKitContainerIdentifier: "..."


It's now called groupContainer and is a ModelConfiguration.GroupContainer.

See: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/swiftdata/modelconfiguration/groupcontainer-swift.enum

Pretty sure this is for groups of apps: e.g., you make Pages and Numbers and want people to use data in both programs.


Thanks, was the initializer changed?

Do you know if SwiftData supports icloud share?


hi @sheldor,

i don't see any reference to the change from sharedAppContainerIdentifier to groupContainer in the release notes for Xcode 15 beta 6; but this is not unusual. and documentation always lags for beta software.

as for the cloud, yes, SwiftData does support cloud sharing across devices logged into the same Apple ID.

  • it seems that once the proper cloud entitlements have been added your project and/or a CloudKit container is specified, you get a behind-the-scenes promotion from using NSPersistentContainer to NSPersistentCloudKitContainer in the underlying Core Data stack.

but even here, we're still in beta. there seems to be some uncertainty after moving to beta 6 about whether a persistent model's properties must all be marked as optional to work with the cloud ... and beta 6 changed the way that default values are specified in a persistent model (since the cloud has no notion of default values).

so, stay tuned for beta 7 and watch the Apple Developer's Forum on this. beta 7 will probably be here in about week ... or maybe sooner ... or maybe not.

hope that helps,



Thank you! :)

To this: "as for the cloud, yes, SwiftData does support cloud sharing across devices logged into the same Apple ID."

I meant whether SwiftData also supports sharing between different AppleIDs? So working together on data with CKShare.



(sorry @sheldor, just assumed you were asking about the low-hanging fruit of sharing across personal devices ...)

i don't think there are many examples or much documentation right now for CloudKit sharing with SwiftData. but there are suggestions in the WWDC videos that SwiftData will support multiple store configurations, which is probably what you'd need for CloudKit sharing (one config for the private database, one config for the shared database), since that's how NSPersistentCloudKitContainer sort of works for cloud sharing.

there's not much more i can say right now, but i am very interested in using SwiftData with multiple configurations (a recent Core Data project i worked on required such an approach).

hope that helps,



Thanks. I think then i have to wait a bit to see if there are any new tutorials on this topic


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