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As Swift Playgrounds are not specific to a certain platform or framework, I think it is the right place to post a question about it here. It is my first post and I am new to this forum. I am trying my best ;-)

I am totally amazed by the capabilities of the Playgrounds App on iPad. It allows to tinker with Swift UI and get immediate feedback. Much faster than on any of my current Mac systems tbh (currently waiting as everybody for the new system to arrive...).

However, I find it rather difficult to find out which version of iOS and which version of the Swift language is supported. I assume, as it was released in November 2020, both the language and the frameworks are "at that stage".

I also watched a video from Paul recorded during WWDC in which he mentioned that it is still unclear when something new will arrive and what features will be supported.

Is there any - official - news regarding this you can point me to?

Thank you.


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