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need to find out what is wrong with my JSON

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I am creating a multiple choice quiz with a JSON file I created. I took some code from the 100 days of SwiftUI tutorial to decode it. There is obviously something wrong with my JSON because the fatal error is thrown. How can I find out what the error is with my JSON? The code I used is below: extension Bundle { func decode<T: Codable>(_ file: String) -> T { guard let url = self.url(forResource: file, withExtension: nil) else { fatalError("Failed to locate (file) in bundle.") }

    guard let data = try? Data(contentsOf: url) else {
        fatalError("Failed to load \(file) from bundle.")

    let decoder = JSONDecoder()

    guard let loaded = try? decoder.decode(T.self, from: data) else {

        fatalError("Failed to decode \(file) from bundle.")


    return loaded


Please post a sample of your JSON and the data structure you are trying to decode it into.


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