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Hello everyone!

I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to ask this question but I installed support for iOS 17 today and suddenly I ran out of space in my disk. I checked the storage and this is what I found:

System Data takes 84.67GB

Developer Data takes 59.41GB

Xcode takes 5.8GB

I read on several forums that System Data stores backup files created by applications, cache files, temporary files, log files, and more and this data is often found in the \Downloads, \Library directories and there is where I found a "Developer" folder taking 146.1GB of space.

Are those files strictly necesary or can I delete some of them?

I also noticed that my MacBook Pro M1 (2020) started overheating and I also listen to the fan, is this normal? Has anyone else experienced something like this?

Thank you so much for any support you can provide. KB


You should maybe think about quitting downloading all those dodgy movies. They'll make you go blind. :) My system data is @ 127 gigs and my dev data is about the same as yours. I don't have that much in the way of projects. My drive is a 512gb. Check your photos in your text messages. As well as my Mac I have an ipad 2 which has 16 gigs space. I had to switch off that cloud thingy that held photos on all my devices, still works pretty well except when updates come around then I have to offload apps. Don't think you can upgrade your drive so probably the cheapest option is use an external harddrive. Maybe a wifi one. Overheating isn't normal either. Maybe the CPU fan bearings have gone out or on their way out. Geek squad likely your best bet unless you want to get enthusiastic with a screwdriver and a guitar pick.


To see what process is making your computer hot, launch Activity Monitor, click the CPU tab, then click the "% CPU" column so that the highest CPU using processes are sorted at the top.

Regarding storage: As George said, the only good long-term solution is to move to an external drive everything whose location is not mandated by OS X, including your Xcode projects and media such as audio, video and photos.

A 1 TB NVMe SSD is about $75 at Costco and elsewhere. In my experience the SanDisk models run cool and don’t slow down after heavy use. SanDisk models larger than 1 TB have a serious bug, but the 1 TB is great. Samsung is a popular alternative.

In the short term, some possibilities:

If you use TimeMachine, delete its snapshots as explained at the EclecticLight.co website under the topic "Freeing space to upgrade to Sonoma".

If you have backed up any iOS devices to your Mac, you can delete the backups per the instructions at Apple Support article HT204215 (forum rules preclude posting the URL).

Freeing disk space by deleting unnecessary system files is discussed from time to time on the "Tidbits Talk" forum, so you might search there.

Of course, you should backup all your data before doing any of this.




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