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I am at checkpoint 4 and i got some question. and this is my code:

import Cocoa

enum error: Error {
    case outOfBounds, noRoot

func squareRoot(of number: Int) throws -> Int {

    var myAnswer: Int

    if number > 10000 || number < 1 {
        throw error.outOfBounds

    for testNumber in 1...101 {
        var answerNumber = testNumber * testNumber
        if answerNumber == number {
            myAnswer = testNumber
        } else if testNumber < 100 {
        } else {
            throw error.noRoot

    return myAnswer


do {
    try print("the square root is \(squareRoot(of: 9))")
} catch error.outOfBounds {
    print("it is out of bounds")
} catch error.noRoot {
    print("it has no root")

I get the warning said that "Variable 'myAnswer' used before being initialized" But when i change this:

var myAnswer: Int = 0

there is no more warning message. So where i did it wrong?


You are setting an inital value in the var myAnswer: Int = 0 thereby initializing it.


So i cannot make an empty string?


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