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how to take the value of child elements XML?

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Good afternoon everyone. Tell me how to reach the child elements of the XML? Add child elements of <offer> to the structure Offer.

File XML

<yml_catalog date="2023-12-28 17:13">
<currency id="RUB" rate="1"/>
<category id="32">Ремонт техники Apple</category>
<category id="15" parentId="32">Ремонт iPhone</category>
<category id="166" parentId="15">Сложный ремонт</category>
<category id="20" parentId="15">Ремонт iPhone 3G/3Gs</category>
<offer id="188" available="true">
<name>Замена стекла iPhone 6s</name>
<description>Треснуло или разбилось сенсорное стекло iPhone 6S. Экран плохо реагирует на нажатие или самопроизвольно "дергается" при работе.</description>
<offer id="198" available="true">
<name>Замена аккумулятора iPhone 6s</name>
<description>iPhone 6S не включается, быстро садится, плохо заряжается, выключается, не разрядившись полностью.</description>

My code


import UIKit
import PlaygroundSupport

final class MyViewController : UIViewController {

    private let customUI = CustomElement()
    private let fileManagert = FileManagerMock()

    private lazy var buttonLoad: UIButton = customUI.createButton()

    private var ooffer: [Offer] = []

    override func loadView() {
        let view = UIView()
        view.backgroundColor = .white

        buttonLoad.frame = CGRect(x: 100, y: 250, width: 200, height: 46)
        buttonLoad.addTarget(self, action: #selector(buttonDidLoad), for: .touchUpInside)

        self.view = view
// Present the view controller in the Live View window
PlaygroundPage.current.liveView = MyViewController()

Action UI

private extension MyViewController {
    @objc func buttonDidLoad() {
        fileManagert.filePatch { responce in
            switch responce {
                case .success(let data):
                    guard let currentData = data.data(using: .utf8) else { return }
                    let parser = MemoParser(data: currentData)
                    if parser.parse() {

                case .failure(let error):
                    print("ERROR \(error.localizedDescription)")
final class FileManagerMock {
    func filePatch(responceResult: (Result<String, Error>) -> Void) {
        if let filepath = Bundle.main.path(forResource: "ExampleTest", ofType: "xml") {
            do {
                let contents = try String(contentsOfFile: filepath)
            } catch let error {
        } else {
            print("Error load file!")
struct Offer {
    var offer: String
    var available: String
    var price: String
    var categoryID: [String]
    var description: String
    var name: String
    var id: String
final class MemoParser: XMLParser {

    private var category = [String: Any]()
    private var currentElement = ""

    private var offer = Offer(offer: "",
                      available: "String",
                      price: "",
                      categoryID: [],
                      description: "",
                      name: "",
                      id: ""

    private var offers: [Offer] = []

    override init(data: Data) {
        super.init(data: data)
        self.delegate = self

extension MemoParser: XMLParserDelegate {

    // Looking for an element 'offer'
    func parser(_ parser: XMLParser, didStartElement elementName: String, namespaceURI: String?, qualifiedName qName: String?, attributes attributeDict: [String : String] = [:]) {
        switch elementName {
            case "offer":
                // Adding attributes 'id' and 'offer'
                offer = disassembleOffer(dictionary: attributeDict)
                currentElement = elementName

    // Searching the dictionary by keys
    private func disassembleOffer(dictionary: [String : String]) -> Offer {
        // Temp structure 'Offer'
        var tempOffer = Offer(
            offer: "",
            available: "String",
            price: "",
            categoryID: [],
            description: "",
            name: "",
            id: ""
        for (attr_key, attr_val) in dictionary {
            switch attr_key {
                case "id":
                    tempOffer.id = attr_val
                case "available":
                    tempOffer.available = attr_val
        return tempOffer

    func parser(_ parser: XMLParser, didEndElement elementName: String, namespaceURI: String?, qualifiedName qName: String?) {
        if elementName == "offer" {
            // Add current category in array categoryes

    // Called when a character sequence is found
    func parser(_ parser: XMLParser, foundCharacters string: String) {
        if !string.trimmingCharacters(in: .whitespacesAndNewlines).isEmpty {
            if category[currentElement] == nil {
                category.updateValue(string, forKey: currentElement)

    // Called when a CDATA block is found
    func parser(_ parser: XMLParser, foundCDATA CDATABlock: Data) {
        guard String(data: CDATABlock, encoding: .utf8) != nil else {
            print("CDATA contains non-textual data, ignored")
    // Processing completed
    func parserDidEndDocument(_ parser: XMLParser) {
        for (_, offer) in offers.enumerated() {
final class CustomElement {
    func createButton() -> UIButton {
        let button = UIButton()
        button.configuration = .filled()
        button.configuration?.title = "Load"
        button.configuration?.cornerStyle = .medium
        button.configuration?.baseBackgroundColor = .gray

        return button


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