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How to sort Swift Data by the original order of a decoded JSON array

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I'm building a TabView where each tab needs to appear in a specific order. The content for the tabs is fetched as JSON when the app loads and cached using Swift Data.

This is my simplified JSON for the tabs:

  "tabs": [
      "id": "7f2769e3-9dbe-4776-a79f-268a4c06fdc0",
      "title": "Tab 1"
      "id": "1c8ef7c9-9b1b-4658-b8a2-b463f8f7de6f",
      "title": "Tab 2"

The decoding and storage of the array data is working fine, however the tabs are ordered inconsistently when I query them.

How do I enforce the original order of the JSON? Is there something I can do at the decoding stage or do I need to explicity provide the order of each tab with an additional property, e.g. order, and ensure my @Query sorts by this new property?


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