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SOLVED: How to figure out which swift closure is holding strong reference?

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I am trying to build a fairly complex app in Swift and I have a classic problem of retain cycle. My ViewController is not getting removed from memory, because there is a closure that is holding strong reference to it. But in memory graph, I really dont get much detail about which closure it is. I mean individual classes at least have specific names, but closure are just this obscure Swift Closure Context

Any tricks I am missing here?


Instead of isolating which closure is holding the strong reference in this situation, I believe a much safer solution would be to make the reference to the view controller weak in every closure's capture list. Why would a closure need to retain a reference to a view controller after the view controller (and the view it manages) has disappeared?

If you are using the view controller as a "conduit" to pass to a closure a reference to a property that survives the disappearance of the view controller, hopefully you can refactor your code to pass to the closure a reference to that property independent of the view controller.


I am still new to this entire Swift thing, so I will take your advice at face value.


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