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How fix problem Cannot find type 'You_class' in scope? 🙄

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Good afternoon. Loaded all pods in the project. There are no errors but I can’t seem to build the project. I keep getting errors like: "Cannot find type 'MarkerImage' in scope", "Cannot find 'image' in scope". Although all the Klaas referenced by errors exist.

Video with error example

No matter how much I Googled, I couldn’t find a solution to the problem.

import Foundation
import Charts


open class LegendHelper: NSObject

    /// the legend object this renderer renders
    @objc open var legend: Legend?

    @objc public init(legend: Legend?)   //Cannot find type 'Legend' in scope

        self.legend = legend

import Foundation
import CoreGraphics

// MARK: Add @objcMembers

open class Legend: ComponentBase


after the manipulation I realized that xcode does not see certain classes in the Charts pod, but I couldn’t find how to update them on the Internet


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