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Help with the logic of my hangman game...

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In theory the game is quite simple... something like the user presses "G" button, then I take that "G" and convert it to Character so I can compare it (using a for loop) with the current word he is trying to guess.

Now this is the part where I am struggling. How do I make that exact letter ("G") to show up in a UILabel, at the exact part of the string this letter belongs?

Do I need to use just one UILabel for the words to be guessed? Do I need to use an array of UILabels to display each letter of the word? (This would have to be dynamic and I found a way to do that but it doesn't look right, it does look out of place and I can't make it look good inside my stackview).

So, in short... how do I compare letter ''G'' with the letters of the word "BRING" and make the "G" to show up in the last position inside my UILabel like " G"



there are certainly a number of ways how to achieve this...

But I would definitely go for one UILabel and just construct the string after each guess. You can store the correct word in a variable and then when building the string to display check already guessed letters and if letter is not present then display _ in its place.

Let me know if you want more hints/help.

Good luck


Have you done Project 5 Wordscramble which does a number of thing to check that word is possible.

    func isPossible(word: String) -> Bool {
        guard var tempWord = title?.lowercased() else { return false }

        for letter in word {
            if let position = tempWord.firstIndex(of: letter) {
                tempWord.remove(at: position)
            } else {
                return false
        return true

this may help you


Thank you for both response guys, I hadn't seen this Projects page before (found word scramble and swifty words).

I think I will watch/read them to get a better understanding of what I am doing and will definetely keep both answers in my mind when I tackle building my app!

Thanks for mentioning the Project 5!


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