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Connect two ....addSubview(x,y)

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Good day. how to connect two teams? I`m newbie

    let importClassUIImage = CreateCardCPU()
    let cardCPUOne = importClassUIImage.CreateCard(positionX: self.buttomStart.frame.minX, positionY: 200, tags: 1)
    let cardCPUTwo = importClassUIImage.CreateCard(positionX: self.buttomStart.frame.maxX, positionY: 200, tags: 2)

    ???self.view.addSubview(cardCPUOne, cardCPUTwo)???



Hello, can you clarify what are you trying to accomplish? What does this CreateCardCPU return?


And what do you mean by "connecting two teams"? Basically you already are adding both views cardCPUOne and cardCPUTwo as a subviews.


class CreateCardCPU { func CreateCard(positionX: CGFloat, positionY: CGFloat, tags: Int) -> UIImageView { var cardCPU = UIImageView() let myCardFrame = CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 142, height: 200) cardCPU = UIImageView(frame: myCardFrame) cardCPU.image = UIImage(named: "back.png") = positionX = positionY cardCPU.tag = tags return cardCPU } }

I thought that you can call two pictures. I wanted to optimize the code



[cardCPUOne, cardCPUTwo].forEach { view.addSubview($0) }
// Put constraints for each view here


Thanks. Very grateful.



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