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Coloring SF Symbol in MKAnnotation

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lI am trying to change de color of a pi annotation. But all I am trying the color of the pin is black

My code:

let imageStop  = UIImage(systemName: "flag.fill")
            var redImageStop = imageStop!.withTintColor(.systemRed, renderingMode: .alwaysTemplate
             var imageConfig = UIImage.SymbolConfiguration.init(scale: .small)
                        if #available(iOS 15.0, *){
                            imageConfig = imageConfig.applying(UIImage.SymbolConfiguration.init(hierarchicalColor: .red))
                       imageConfig = imageConfig.applying(UIImage.SymbolConfiguration.preferringMulticolor())
                redImageStop = redImageStop.withRenderingMode(.alwaysOriginal)
                redImageStop = redImageStop.withConfiguration(imageConfig

            setPin(location: decodedCoordinates![decodedCoordinates!.count-1], title: "Einde" , subtitle: "activitiet", image: redImageStop )

           func setPin(location: CLLocationCoordinate2D, title: String, subtitle: String, image: UIImage) {
                        let pin = AnnotationPin(title: title, subtitle: subtitle, image: image, coordinate: location)

            class AnnotationPin: NSObject, MKAnnotation {
    let coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D
    let title: String?
    let subtitle: String?
    let image: UIImage?

    init(title:String, subtitle: String, image: UIImage, coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D) {
        self.title = title
        self.subtitle = subtitle
        self.coordinate = coordinate
        self.image = image

Anyone an idea why this is not working

 Grt. Armand


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