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Catching complicated errors including generic error types

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I'm writing some code that uses a library written by a colleague that is not available to answer questions for an extended period of time, so I bring this question here. Since the code is internal stuff, I'll be substituting some names so bear with me. :)

The library is throwing an error whose type is fairly complex and involves generics with parameters. When I dump() the error to console, I get something like this:

▿ ToolRuntime.ToolError.retryError
  ▿ retryError: ToolRuntime.ToolManagerError<DataLib.LookupDataValueError>.overseer
    ▿ overseer: (2 elements)
      ▿ .0: DataLib.LookupDataValueError.recordNotFoundException
        ▿ recordNotFoundException: DataLib.RecordNotFoundException

And so on (there's more but just data attached to the error that should be irrelevant -- but let me know if I'm wrong). Element 1 in the array overseer is just the raw data returned from the server that was decoded into the error object.

I can't seem to catch this error. I need to know if this retryError occurs, but nothing I've tried seems to result in catching it. Instead, the retryError always falls through to my default error handler. I would expect that catch ToolRuntime.ToolError.retryError would do the job, but it doesn't. If anyone can look at that and give me an idea what I'm missing, I'd sure appreciate it.


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