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SOLVED: Animating SKUniforms?

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Hey guys!

I'm currently trying to animate an SKUniform, is there any way to achieve this? I tried to put the value in a @State var and call the changes in an withAnimation but that didn't do the trick, the shader just "pops" to the new value.

func zoomingOut() { withAnimation { shaderScaling = 1.0 self.shaderUniform.floatValue = shaderScaling } }

This this my code, more or less. If someone has an idea on how to animate value changes here, I'd really appreciate it!

Best regards LilaQ



I wrote my own Animation class for this in the end. In case someone stumbles upon the same issue:

class AnimationHelper {

    static func easeInOutSine(_ x: Double)->Double {
        return -(cos(Double.pi * x) - 1) / 2;

    static func easeInOutCubic(_ x: Double)->Double {
        return x < 0.5 ? 4 * x * x * x : 1 - pow(-2 * x + 2, 3) / 2;

    enum EASING {
        case none, easeInOut, easeInOutCubic

    static func animate<T:BinaryFloatingPoint>(startValue: T, targetValue: T, targetTime: Double = 1.0, easing: EASING = .none, onFractionalUpdate: @escaping (T)->()) {
        let resolution = 0.01
        var currentTime = 0.0
        _ = Timer.scheduledTimer(withTimeInterval: resolution, repeats: true) { timer in
            currentTime += resolution

            if currentTime >= targetTime {

            //  TODO:   We could add some easing funcionality here
            var timeFraction = currentTime / targetTime
            switch easing {
            case .easeInOut:
                timeFraction = easeInOutSine(timeFraction)
            case .easeInOutCubic:
                timeFraction = easeInOutCubic(timeFraction)
            default: ()

            let valueFraction = targetValue - startValue
            onFractionalUpdate(T(timeFraction) * T(valueFraction) + startValue)





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