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These forums are designed to be a welcoming place where everyone can feel safe to ask questions and get answers. This means it's your responsibility to:

  1. Ask questions thoughtfully. Make your message title a clear question that folks can answer, introduce your problem clearly, provide any explanation of what you've already tried, and remember to say thank you when people try to help.

  2. Respond to questions in a welcoming, helpful way. Please don't just post a link somewhere else and assume that's helpful – provide a complete answer in your message, and add a link afterwards if needed.

  3. Encourage others to follow these same rules, remembering to be respectful of different viewpoints and perspectives.

I want to be clear up front that we have a very low tolerance for unhelpful comments, snark, put downs, or dismissive behavior, and that we have zero tolerance for abuse, trolling, harassment, spam, or other destructive behavior.

Folks who are unable to follow our code of conduct will be banned, and as all logins are attached to your GitHub account this means you will be locked out for a long time.

So, please remember to be welcoming to everyone here, be kind in answering their questions, and be encouraging when you provide constructive criticism of code.

Thank you for being part of the Swift community!


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