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Updating view with each individual loop cycle

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I have a for...... loop. In each cycle a random set of numbers is generated. After each cycle I want a view to update, but what happens is that the only time it is updated is at the and of the loop. In IOS there is the ForEach loop. Is there something similar for MacoS programming. My code is meant to test some of the features I like to incorporate in a bigger program and I'm stuck with this...

I put in the sleep(1) Unix Command to monitor what's going on The levelValue tuple is used to set new heights to 2 rects that are being draw in the meterView. The corresponding NSBezierPaths are set in the meterView class (subclass of NSView) definition. This code is written in the viewcontroller and goRandom corresponds with a button:

@IBAction func goRandum(_ sender: Any) {
    for _ in 0...10 {
        meterView.levelValue = (rand(), rand())
        meterView.needsDisplay = true


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