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SOLVED: Tool recommendation please: toolbar icon editor

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Back when I was a windows developer, I creted icons using a package called Axialis IconWorkshop. It gave me a canvas to draw on that was sized for icons. I'm now working on a Mac application and need to create some custom images for a toolbar and am looking for an equivalent editor app for the Mac.

What i have found so far seem to fall in to one of two groups; full-blown image/photo editors or tools that convert an existing image into an imageset. I bought IconSlate on the understanding that it could edit icons but it appears to be nother of those 'drag in an image and we'll create the icons' style tools. I have Affinity Designer/Photo but, being somewhat challenged when it comes to graphics, am finding them overkill for a 64x64 png file.

I can't use SF Symbols because the imges I need aren't in there.

So, I'm looking for a recommendtion for something simple to use that can edit 'small' png graphic files. I assume there must be people here who have faced the same problem of creating toolbar icons.

Anyone got any recommendtions?

Thanks Steve


Ok, I have blundered along using IconWorkshop on the PC and transferring files. It's no way to develop software!

Firstly, I would like to offer a shout out to pictoprogrammers.com who have a vast array of icon images available for free in png and svg format (I can't post an actual like as the forum won't let me). Where I cannot find what I want in SF Symbols, I can usually find something I can customise in this collection.

I tried several bitmap editors to edit the images, but they're all geared up to editing larger images than my paultry 24x24 toolbar icons, so I eventually settled on using VSCode with the luna-paint plugin. The interface is very simple with a lot of the power hidden behind a menu. That works well for me.

As a result, I now have the icon editing tool I need on the Mac. No more switching machines and transferring files. Whoopie!

Hope this helps someone else in this position. Steve


FWIW, I bought Pixen on the iPad and Mac in the end. It's a better tool than the sledge hammer approach of Visual Studio and lets me design on both the iPad and the Mac by sharing the drawings via iCloud drive.

It hasn't improved my drawing skills, but I now have the desired toolbar over my outline:



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