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how to change the whole display color tint?

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i think i'll start there. my goal is to build Vim bindings on the whole macOS level. you use a keyboard shortcut combination that makes you enter the Vim COMMAND mode. then pressing hjkl etc... will move you like in Vim rather than using the arrow keys or Emacs bindings.

the idea is that when you press the keyboard shortcut combination, the tint of the display changes a bit to let you know you're in COMMAND mode.

there's a lot of things to do in this app, but i thought i'd start there. i guess i need to play with Accessibility but i'm pretty lost.

for the background, i have almost 2 decades in web development, and starting Swift development, in order to build this app. i went through the SwiftUI course of this site, and i bought and am going through maybe 6 or 7 books from Paul. i thought it was time to start opening Xcode and coding the app, but after a few days i'm realizing that it's kinda like the jungle for me out there and i have no idea where to start.

so i'd be glad if someone could point me to a few starters!

thanks in advance.


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