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Drawing Text to a CGContext for Quartz PDF not working

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This is for Swift 5 on macOS

I am trying to write some text to a generated PDF.

I am able to load a background image onto the pages, but when I call my drawText method, it is not making it onto either of the pages.

I tried drawing an NSString to the context via the .draw() method and that would not work either. I hoping to get this to work so I can add more text, including text boxes, etc.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any pointers.

import Cocoa
import CoreText
import Quartz

extension NSImage {
        Converts an NSImage to a CGImage for rendering in a CGContext
        Credit - Xue Yu
    var toCGImage: CGImage {
        var imageRect = NSRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: pageWidth, height: pageHeight)
        guard let image =  cgImage(forProposedRect: &imageRect, context: nil, hints: nil) else {
        return image

class PDFText {

     Create a non-nil CGContext
     Credit - hmali - 3/15/2019
    var pdfContext = CGContext(data: nil,
                              width: 0,
                              height: 0,
                              bitsPerComponent: 1,
                              bytesPerRow: 1,
                              space: CGColorSpace.init(name: CGColorSpace.sRGB)!,
                              bitmapInfo: CGImageAlphaInfo.premultipliedLast.rawValue)

    let textRect = CGRect(x: 295, y: 350, width: 100, height: 100)

    func createPDF() {
        let filePath = "/Users/Shared/Text.pdf"
        let fileURL = NSURL(fileURLWithPath: filePath)
        pdfContext = CGContext(fileURL, mediaBox: &backgroundRect, nil)
        drawText("This is page 1")
        drawText("This is page 1")

    func drawBackground() {

        let cgImage = NSImage(contentsOfFile: "/Users/Shared/background.png")?.toCGImage
        pdfContext?.draw(cgImage!, in: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: Int(72*8.5), height: Int(72*11)))

    func drawText(_ text:String) {

        let style = NSMutableParagraphStyle()
        style.alignment = .center
        let attr = [NSAttributedString.Key.font: NSFont(name: "Helvetica", size: 16.0),
                    NSAttributedString.Key.foregroundColor: NSColor.purple,
                    NSAttributedString.Key.backgroundColor: NSColor.clear,
                    NSAttributedString.Key.paragraphStyle: style]
        let attrText = NSAttributedString(string: text, attributes: attr as [NSAttributedString.Key : Any])
            pdfContext?.translateBy(x: attrText.size().width, y: attrText.size().height)
        ("Some text on a page" as NSString).draw(at: NSMakePoint(295, 300), withAttributes: attr as [NSAttributedString.Key : Any])
        attrText.draw(with: textRect)


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