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Core Data iCloud sync only with Mac App Store Apps?

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Hey guys,

does Core Data sync over iCloud/CloudKit only work for apps that are distributed via the Mac App Store?

I didn't manage my app to sync Core Data so I created a small test project. I got an iMac and a MacBook. When I run the app from Xcode on my iMac and my MacBook at the same time, the Core Data Entitiy is synced correctly. When I deploy the app via Archive/Distribute/Developer ID and run this app on both devices, the Core Data Entity is not being synced.

I'm I doing something wrong in the deployment process or does syncing only work for App Store Apps?

Thanks a lot! Stephan


Have you deployed the schema to production in the CloudKit Dashboard? IMHO this is necessary. At least it is necessary when you want to test your apps via TestFlight.


Sorry, I forgot to mention. Yes, schema is deployed to production.


Tbh: I dont' know ... ;) They're talking a lot about Testflight and iPhone -> both don't fit to my case.

But in the "solution" he mentioned that he created the entitlements only under debug and not release. Where are theese entitlements, how do I create one for release?


Actually, I don't know, either. I don't have access to Xcode atm. But I've never experienced this behaviour accidently. Perhaps build settings?



I am also encountering the same issue. Has a solution been found?


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