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Server Side Swift engineer

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Hi there!

Are you a skilled developer, experienced in Swift and want to deepen your knowledge in Cloud? Do you want to be part of an innovative Cloud Development team, writing backend in Swift, frontend code, in SwiftUI and with cutting edge features?

At StyleShoots we use new features, being SwiftUI, Catalyst, new one from WWDC. Join our team creating 100s of robots every year, all running a Swift server inside as well as Swift Cloud.

We are looking for a smart cloud engineer to join our R&D team. We are dedicated to help global fashion brands and e-commerce companies future-proofing their visual content production. This position is an opportunity for you to grow into a reference person for our cloud, use state of the art Swift technology used with advanced hardware, like cameras, flashes, motors, etc.

Server Side Swift engineer

The position is based in our Dutch Headquarter, in Haarlem, 20 min from Amsterdam.

Looking forward talking to you!



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