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SOLVED: Tab Bar Transparent

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Has anyone had this issue where with the Tab bar at the bottom of an app goes transparent when navigating back from another view. My app is now doing that in iOS 15. The list of items goes behind the tabbar and you can see them. I can not seem to figure out how to solve it.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks, Mark


IOS 15 changes the default appearance of Tab bars from opaque to transparent. To make them opaque again, you can use this code

.onAppear {
                // correct the transparency bug for Tab bars
                let tabBarAppearance = UITabBarAppearance()
                UITabBar.appearance().scrollEdgeAppearance = tabBarAppearance
                // correct the transparency bug for Navigation bars
                let navigationBarAppearance = UINavigationBarAppearance()
                UINavigationBar.appearance().scrollEdgeAppearance = navigationBarAppearance


Thanks Alexis, I appreciate that. I will implement that right away. i have been so frustrated the last coupke weeks trying to figure that out.


I apologize if I typed you name wrong. Will i need to put an onAppear on every view?


Thanks alexismoulin for the info.

appledad05 just add it in the TabView and it will show in all views.


@NigelGee thank you. it works great.


So is this behaviour on a Tab Bar having a transparent background now the default..... or is it a BUG?


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