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Some basic questions about installing Xcode beta for trying out iOS 17 APIs

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Got a few basic questions. I want to try some of the new iOS 17 APIs.

  1. Can Xcode 15 beta be installed on a Mac running Ventura (and not Sonoma)?
  2. Can that screw up the Ventura installation?
  3. If yes, what precautions can I take besides taking Time Machine backups?
  4. If I open an app's Xcode project (that's already on the App Store) in Xcode 15, can the project get corrupted?

Basically what risks do I run with trying out Xcode 15 beta and iOS 17 beta simulator on my only Mac (which is both my work and personal computer)?


Xcode beta can be installed on your Ventura without problem. Only the macOS simulator might not work if you try to compile for a macOS 14 target. It is actually a great way to try out code for the vision pro!

Keep in mind that you cannot use it to compile an app for Apple store connect. Just keep your existing Xcode 14 for that :)


Hi, I run with trying out Xcode 15 beta and iOS 17 beta simulator on my only Mac on apkintsaclub. thanks


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