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On to the App Store... questions

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Ok, getting ready for the App Store, but I got some questions;

1) Any tips for a good privacy policy/statement, a template. My app uses the camera, and the files app when granted permission, but other than that I collect no data whatsoever. This privacy policy must be visible in the App Store and in the app I presume. Any other things I need to worry about, seeing as Apple will change it's policy regarding this on December 8th?

2) The same for legal, My app will be a one time fee app.

3) Logging. I have no logging implemented in my app. Naturally I've implemented guards and tries and so on, but I do not gather any info in a log. Does the Apple dashboard provide me with crash reports and such or do I need to take care of that myself

4) Any other things I should care about? Any good resources to guide me through the process ?


Do you have a website?

regarding privacy put that on a page of web site and look for for apps that uses the privacy and change them.

the dashboard gives you analitics of app (if user opt in).

Good luck 🤞🏼


1) As for the privacy policy. If you are not doing anything sketchy and dont have libraries like Facebook SDK, I think you can write simple few sentences policy yourself.

For example for one of my apps I have this policy and I had zero issues with it - https://nemecek.be/pages/chill-zones-app-privacy-policy Something similar is displayed for the users in the About screen.

3) You can get crashes via Xcode Organizer assuming users have enabled sending crash reports to developers. You could also try catching the app-wide exceptions manually and then offer your users to send you an email with exception details. Or try some third party services... I am using Sentry.io (free plan) for web app and the reporting is great. Not sure about iOS though.

4) Get ready to prepare lots and lots of screenshots.


Thanks for the replies!

I probably will set up a landing page, need to look into possibilities...

I have an about screen in my app where I will also list my privacy policy. Will take a look at your example @nemecek-Filip. I'm implementing an mail form, for user to give feedback, but have some issues with that. Will post a topic about that.

And I am preparing screenshots and such.

Think I'll skip integrating application wide logging for the moment. I've been testing my app for two months now and it never crashes or anything at all ...


Hope I am not spamming with my blog too much, but if you want to offer your users more than Apple Mail, you can check this guide :-) https://nemecek.be/blog/15/how-to-let-users-send-feedback-using-email-app-of-their-choice-in-ios


Thanks Filip! You can never spam me with your blog! Like to read them. Gonna take a look at your post. I was trying to use MFMailComposeViewController but .canSendMail() always returns no on mu devices. I assume that's because I use outlook ...


Yes, for it to return true you need to have setup account with the Apple Mail.

That said, I am not exactly sure how the new default browsers work in iOS 14, may be worth looking into it.


.canSendMail still returns No on iOS14.x when using Outlook ...


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