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SOLVED: How to add ATS to new Xcode 15 iOS project?

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Running GA of Sonoma + Xcode 15. I'm trying to create my first new iOS app since upgrading.

Can anyone either give me or point me towards instructions for adding ATS to the Info.plist?

I have managed this without any problem using previous versions of macOS + Xcode but have failed totally using the current versions.

Any assistance gratefully receibed ...


Hi @Riverboat_Gambler

Assume it is the name of the entry that is confusing you, I beleive it changed. In the plist file click on the + icon and search for "App Transport Security Settings"

Once added you can click on the + symbol beside it to select any sub entries.


Hi @coffer and thanks for responding

No - my problems are:

First finding the Info.plist - I created a totally new iOS app and then checked the folder content outwith Xcode and could not find an Info.plist anywhere. I have a vague memory of reading that Info.plist was not created automatically from Xc14 onwards so that maybe explains that.

I then tried adding one within Xcode but that caused the build to fail with "Multiple commands creating Info.plist". It almost looks like settings are now stored in a project file instead.

This has only hit me since going to Sonoma + Xc15.

Whatever the cause it's frustrating the life out of me! I can work older projects (most with ATS configuration in them) and can create new projects as long as they do not require any ATS.

I think I still have a laptop on Ventura + Xc14 so I'm going back to that to try and confirm that it's a post-upgrade problem.


Go to your App target. There is a section Info. Within this section you find Custom iOS Target Properties. Right click and choose add row. After adding your row a new Info.plist is created with your additional value. For future additions you can choose the Info.plist file and add it there.

I don't know if it also works when you add just an empty Info.plist file.



You gave me the bit I was missing - most appreciated!


Hi, were you able to fix your issue?


I have the same issue with Xcode 15.1 I have gone to the INFO tab selected App Transport Security Settings and the after pressing the drop down menu selected Allow Aribtery Loads. Then to the left of that I press the menu and it shows YES and NO but if I try to select eiher of them it doesn't accept them? The key remains blank? Not sure what I'm doing worng? any help much appreciated.


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