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SOLVED: HealthKit doesn't refresh query data until force quit

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HealthKit is hard :)

Context: I'm building an app to keep track of mileage the user ran in their shoes. The user can manually log workouts, but I'm working on finishing up HealthKit integration so the user just has to log a workout in Health however they see fit and the app will find it.

HealthKit is connected and mostly working with one big exception.

Here is the issue I'm running into: If the user completes a workout and the app in either the background or foreground, the workout cannot be found until the user quits/reboots the app.

The below function I believe is the culprit. Specifically, the HKSampleQuery does not find workouts logged since the app launched.

Is there a way to find new workouts without quitting/restarting the app?

func asyncGetWorkouts(start: Date, end: Date) async -> [HKWorkout]? {
        let store = HKHealthStore()

        let walkingPredicate = HKQuery.predicateForWorkouts(with: .walking)        
        let timePredicate = HKQuery.predicateForSamples(withStart: start, end: end, options: .strictStartDate)

        let walkingCompound = NSCompoundPredicate(andPredicateWithSubpredicates:
        [walkingPredicate, timePredicate])

        let sortDescriptor = NSSortDescriptor(key: HKSampleSortIdentifierEndDate, ascending: false)

        func startQuery() async -> [HKWorkout] {
            let group = DispatchGroup()

            var output: [HKWorkout] = []
            let query = HKSampleQuery(sampleType: .workoutType(), predicate: walkingCompound, limit: 0, sortDescriptors: [sortDescriptor]) { (query, samples, error) in
                guard let samples = samples as? [HKWorkout], error == nil else {

                output = samples



            return output

        return await startQuery()


Is the end date in your query correct or is it only set on app start?


Thanks for the input and that is what it was! I was generating the date (which included time) when the app launched. Obviously the time was the issue, so now by updating the date upon calling this method fixed the bug!


Glad I could help.


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