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SOLVED: Bi-Directional play/record w/ BlueTooth earpods

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Working on an app that plays an audio backing track out and at the same time, records a musician playing back attempting to match rhythm and pitch. With a wired connection, bi-directional action is not an issue. However, using BlueTooth headphones (ear pods, etc...), the recording quality suffers severely.

I have tried .allowBluetoothA2DP but that is specifically for playing, not recording.

Setting options to .allowBluetooth allows play and record, but sets to a lower quality (i.e. BT1 vs BT5)

I need play a high quality backing track from my app to my BT device, while at the same time, record audio that is sufficiently high enough quality that it can be analyzed and evaluated.

Any suggestions? I've seen other apps do this, so must be a config of some type...thoughts?


The solution was to use only .allowBluetoothA2DP and not .allowBluetooth. Seems the two were competing and only need the A2DP version.


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