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@AppStorage syncing between Widget and App Targets

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I'm building my first set of Widgets and I'm failing to get @AppStorage user defaults to sync between the main app target and the widget target. For those of you who are HWS+ subscribers, I followed Paul's Ultimate Portfolio lessons and my Widget build knowledge comes from there.

Here are a few things I've tried/verified.

  • The App Group is identical between both targets.
  • I tried manually specifying the store name in @AppStorage as follows:
    • @AppStorage("useMetric", store: UserDefaults(suiteName: "group.redacted")!) var useMetric: Bool = false
  • I've tried pulling UserDefaults without @AppStorage.
  • Not sure if this is frowned upon, but I store the @AppStorage property in the shared Data Controller. I tried calling the property from that data controller and it also did not work.

Curious to hear what other things I should look into?


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