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Add text to image saved to photo library

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Hi! I'm currently building a camera app. I am presently able to take and save photos to the photo library with the app. I am also able to display the user's current location and date on the screen as the user uses the app. I want to be able to add the location and date to the saved photo. I've been searching for how to do this for a couple of days now and I'm not able to yet. Please can anyone point me to a helpful article or resource to achieve this? Thanks.

PS: I'm attaching a screen shot of the camera view from the app for reference.



You might need to use AVMutableComposition(), this can help you add watermarks, you can add your time and data to an transparent image and then add it ..


To add location and date to the saved photo in your camera app, you can make use of the following resources:

  1. Android Developer Guide - Location Services: The official Android developer guide provides comprehensive documentation on how to access the device's location using GPS or network-based services. You can learn how to retrieve the user's current location and integrate it into your camera app.

  2. Android CameraX API: CameraX is a Jetpack support library that offers an easy-to-use camera API for building camera apps on Android devices. It provides built-in functionality for capturing images along with metadata such as GPS coordinates and date stamps.

  3. Stack Overflow: A popular platform where developers ask questions and find answers, Stack Overflow has a vast collection of posts related to adding location and date metadata to photos in various programming languages. Search for specific tags like "Android", "camera", "location" or "date" to find relevant posts.

  4. GitHub repositories: Browse GitHub repositories related to Android camera apps as they often have open-source projects that showcase various features including adding metadata to photos. You can search for keywords like "Android camera app", "photo metadata", or similar terms on GitHub and explore the codebase of existing projects.

  5. Medium and Dev.to articles: Many developers share their experiences, tutorials, and tips on platforms like Medium and Dev.to. Look for articles specific to building camera apps or adding metadata to photos using Android development.

Remember, when accessing a user's location information or other sensitive data, always adhere to best practices regarding privacy and permissions mentioned in the official Android documentation.

These resources should provide you with valuable insights into how you can achieve your goal of adding location and date metadata to the photos captured by your camera app.


Certainly! To add location and date information to photos taken in your camera app and save them to the photo library, you can follow these steps. First, use the Core Location framework to capture the user's current location and fetch the current date and time. Display this information on your app's user interface as overlays on the camera preview. Then, implement the functionality to capture photos using the camera. After taking a photo, combine it with the location and date information by leveraging graphics and text rendering libraries such as Core Graphics or UIKit. Finally, save the resulting image, which now includes the photo along with the location and date overlays, to the photo library using the Photos framework. This process allows you to enhance your photos with contextual information before saving them for future reference or sharing.


To add the location and date to the saved photos in your camera app, you'll need to use Core Location and Core Graphics frameworks in iOS. Here's a brief overview of the steps:

  1. Core Location: You can use Core Location to obtain the user's location coordinates. Start by importing the Core Location framework and requesting the necessary permissions from the user to access their location.

  2. Core Graphics: You'll use Core Graphics to draw text (date and location) onto the image. Create a graphics context, specify font and text attributes, and then draw the text at the desired position on the image.

  3. Combining Image and Text: Once you have the user's location and date, you can merge this information with the captured photo. This involves drawing the text onto the image using Core Graphics.

For detailed guidance, you can refer to Apple's official documentation and sample code:


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