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SOLVED: SwiftUI by Example Arrays/List - 3 x Full English

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I'm trying to make the final app Order resemble a bill

Instead of having multiple rows with the same item, i'm trying to group items:

3 x Full English 2 x Coke 1 x Stake

but the following code runs into issues:

func add(item: MenuItem) {

        let index = (items.firstIndex(of: item))

        if  (index == nil) {
            print("could not find first item")


        } else if (index) != nil {
            print("found first item")
            items[index!].qty += 1

to make the code above work you'll need to add a qty field to MenuItems. The code above works for a new item and incrementing that item but then unexplainably adds a new item. If you have a more alegant solutions please enlighten me?

struct MenuItem: Codable, Equatable, Identifiable {
    var id: UUID
    var name: String
    var photoCredit: String
    var price: Int
    var restrictions: [String]
    var description: String
    var qty: Int = 1

Thank you very much, with your help I managed to get everything working.

    let index = items.firstIndex(where: {$ ==})

        if (index != nil) {
            items[index!].qty += 1
        } else {


try a guard let statement and use .firstIndex(where

func add(item: MenuItem) {
guard let index = items.firstIndex(where: { $0 == item }) else {
print("Could not find first item")
print("First item found")
items[index].qty += 1

Not more elegant but a lot safer and you dont have to force unwrap anything


I tried your code in playground and it seems to be working ok with how i set it up. How have you got your MenuItems struct set up?


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